Updates – 2013 Memorial Names List

December 2013 Memorial Names – by Country

Updated December 16, 2013

Additions made after December 16, 2013

Shalisa O’Dell


Waren, MI – USA – 25 Years Old – Found beaten to death in her apartment

Adaisha Miller 


Detroit, MI – USA – 24 Years Old – Killed by off-duty policeman’s gun going off during a lapdance

Erin Justice aka Tea

Body Found July 2011

She went missing in the June of 2011. Her body was found in July, in a lake 2 hours north of our town, having been tied with cement blocks at her arms and legs. The horror of that, I cannot begin to explain. I can’t properly express knowing that there would be no news coverage for this woman, this girl, someone’s daughter. The understanding that most of us have probably been in contact with the suspect (of course there was a suspect, who’d apparently done this very same thing 10 years before, but I have no way of confirming that). Erin had given me a pair of red shoes, which I left in the Virgin Islands after having been raped in the club I was working at there, as a memorial to her.

I still think of her, everyday. We weren’t that close, but I knew her. I had touched her, smiled with her, laughed with her, had drinks with her. She gave me her shoes, told me how beautiful I was. When sex workers are co-workers, we are sisters. Her death came at a time that was important to my life as a woman and a sex worker, and I’d like to honour her memory, and bless the soul of those red shoes, which literally brought me luck every time I danced in them. I talked to Erin every single time I put them on my feet, and I just know she was there with me, is with me still, when I think of my darkest moments in this business that steals so much from us. One day, I’d like to do my part and get back into the clubs, start reaching out to my sisters, especially in places like Houston and Miami and Dallas, where I experienced and heard of some of the worst assaults and rapes, but also where I danced in my favourite clubs, met my favourite people, and learned so much.

Lenora Ivie Frago


San Antonio, TX – USA – 23 Years Old

 Murdered by Ezekiel Gilbert in San Antonio, TX under Texas deadly force in defense of property law.

Duran Ruiz

She was my first cousin and a sex worker. Her untimely death was the result of years of
Unjust incarceration. Duran suffered and died because society demonized her. She was a beautiful artistic person who was killed by bad laws. We are all deserving of justice and respect. A “system of laws” that denies justice to sex workers is unlawful .