Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers Video Series



You’ve probably seen these on our homepage… or on our event page.

But incase you’ve missed the videos:

VIDEO CAMPAIGN – APNSW release series of video clips featuring members of  the Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers  [APNSW] speaking out about the various forms of violence sex workers experience in their countries.

Link to YouTube Playlist here

Violence by police is a major issue for many sex workers in the Asia Pacific region.


From Nepal to Papua New Guinea to Fiji – problems with police, including arbitrary arrest, condoms as evidence, and physical and sexual violence, are major problems. In Myanmar and Malaysia, police often fail to respond appropriately when sex workers report crimes against them, but relations with police are dramatically different where sex work is decriminalised, such as in New Zealand. And in Vietnam and Australia, APNSW members speak about how laws and policies, as well as stigma and discrimination, are a form of violence in themselves because they increase the risks sex workers face and decrease sex workers access to justice and health care.

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