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Jenny, “December 17″ (SWOP-Las Vegas 2013 December 17 Event)

Gina “My Remarks from D17 Last Night” (SWOP-Bay Area 2013 December 17 Event)

Meg, “The December 17 Memorial List”  ( SWOP-Chicago 2013 December 17 Event)

Penelope Saunders, “A Toast to Gabriella” (SWOP-NYC 2013 December 17 Event)

“Who’s Your Man” (Maggie’s Toronto 2010 December 17 Event)


Gina, “D17 Follow-Up”

Maggie McNeill “End Violence, Not Demand”

Annie Sprinkle “Remembering Our Dead and Wounded”

Melissa Gira Grant “December 17: International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers”


 Silas X. (Read at NJRUA 12/17/14 Event) “Forgotten Workers”

Vegas Vixen “Our Red Umbrellas”

Marcella M. “No Shrinking Violet”

Daisy Anarchy “Green River, Cry”

Miz Viv “Their Names”

Miz Viv “Whore’s Hour”

Black Coffee Poet “White Van”


Amazing Grace

Deep Red Bells

Bread and Roses

Calling All Angels

Forever Young


 In the Arms of an Angel

St James Infirmary

Whores Shall Overcome



December 17, 2012 Memorial Names

Over 70 individuals involved in the sex trade internationally were documented as falling to violence in 2012.
This year these persons were honored in a video memoriam, played during the vigil event in Chicago.
Song is Deep Red Bells, by Neko Case/Video editing by John Rodriguez

HIPS (2012)

New York City Vigil (2008)

Audacia Ray, of Sex Work Awareness, gives a speech at the New York City vigil for the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

Lake Worth, Florida Candlelight Vigil (2010)

This video documents a candlelight vigil held on December 17, 2010 in Fort Worth, Florida.

SWOP-Michigan & Sex Workers For Choice Memorial (2009)

Stop Shaming Us to Death: First National Sex Workers’ Rally, USA from PJ Starr on Vimeo.