Green River Cry by Daisy Anarchy

By Daisy Anarchy
What does our flesh
mean to them ?

What do our lives mean to them ?

As your corpse is lowered in to a grave

your baby daughter cries
for the comfort of your arms

your baby daughter cries
for her mother’s milk.

But Sister

What does our flesh
mean to them ?

What do our lives
mean to them ?

As your corpse is lowered in to a grave
your mother cries
to hold her baby in her arms again

your mother cries
to hear her daughter’s voice again.

Our flesh

Our lives
Our souls
Our dreams

What do we
mean to them?

As your body is lowered in to a grave
I remember
the way you danced
the way you laughed
the way you sang
the way you moved
the touch of your caring hand
upon my tired shoulder.

What do our dreams
what do our souls
our lives
our flesh
mean to them ?

They are the men
with money to spend.
What’s a lot to us
is a pittance to them.

I remember your head held high
Your soul flaming with rebellion
as you worked the Strip
in the cold night
in front of Boeing.

How much milk for your baby daughter
how many gas and electricity bills
how many phone bills
could you pay
with the millions and millions
they spend on one weapons system ?

And I blame the Green River Murders also on you,
The hands that build the bombs
are already covered with our blood

As my sisters face murderers on the streets
because they need the money
and their children cry hungry.

What does it mean
When there is not enough to go around?
It means that someone
has stolen it all.

Me and my sisters
are facing the murderers
to take back
what is ours.

To take our dreams back
To reclaim the hopes of our souls
To reclaim the dignity and beauty

of our flesh.
Facing the murderers
with our lives
on the line.

The cops have spent over 10 million dollars
fucking around pretending to care

about stopping the Green River Murders

10 million dollars fucking around
playing at being heroes
While my sisters are still on the streets
turning $20 tricks
to have a place to sleep for the night
Facing the murderers
square in the eye.

And how much money do the pigs spend in one night
jailing whores?
My sisters turning 20 and 50 dollar tricks
to be able to buy groceries
for themselves and their families.

How much money do they spend
keeping us in jail
while our children still go hungry ?

You have long been covered with our blood
from head to toe.

Our souls
Our dreams
Our lives
and you only want
to eat our flesh.

When I was 17
working the street
I learned who vice cops are.

As sister after sister
is murdered

and Green River
runs redder and redder with our blood
I have not forgotten
who vice cops are.

Frank Adamson
I am looking you square in the eye…

This whore
is here fighting
for peace
and love
and life
and Truth.

Officer Friendly my ass
you pigs are murderers

And in my sisters’ fight

for peace
and love
and life
the Truth shall be revealed
for all the world to see.

Like a volcano erupting
Our rage and tender love
and the Truths we know

are gonna shake the State.

With the fire of the truth

With the fire of our rage
With the fire of our love

We are going to melt their systems of death-

missile systems
police departments

their systematic sexism
their systematic racism

their Order-

killing us slowly with minimum wage
or killing us quickly
with bloody violence.

When I was fifteen
I saw Mt. Saint Helens erupt.

Honey, that beauty was angry
and so am I.

Green River Murderer
I want to live!


Us whores
are fighting back

Fighting back for peace
and life and love and truth

So that some day
our little children
can play and laugh and dance and sing
in the sunshine
on the banks of the Green River
well-fed and safe-

Without having to see
their mommie’s mutilated corpses