Whore’s Hour by Miz Viv

modified from Mark Strand’s “Hour”

by Miz Viv

The necklace of hours the prostitute wears

The swollen hour of sex and strangers

The hour that knocks at the door of the heart

The hour of the insincere moan of pleasure

The hour that moves through the mind like a shadow

The hour of the imagined empire

The hour that is the mother of minutes and grandmother of seconds

The hour instinct told you to pass by

The numbing hours when fear becomes your trick

The guilty hour that precedes catastrophe

The deepest hour of the darkest moon

The blue hour that stands at the foot of your bed

The haunted hour of the knowledge of death

The hour that flashed in the skies

The hour of knives and pain, enough, enough

The hour of injustice

The hour in which the universe begins to die

The hour of final music

The hour of painless solitude

The central hour that exists without you

The extra hour given back to eternity

The hour of moonlight upon her hair