European December 17 Activities – SWAN-TAMPEP-ICRSE

SWAN and ICRSE – regional networks of sex workers projects in Europe and Central Asia are releasing a joint statement for the 17th of december calling for an end to ALL forms of violence against sex workers in Europe and Central Asia, and worldwide.
This page will feature all the info about events in our region and will be update with pictures, statements and articles.
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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Flash mob Red umbrella performance in the most frequent walking area in Sarajevo.
Bulgaria: 16th of December – a meeting with stakeholders on reducing stigma against sex workers, 17th of December – launching a campaign of INDOORS project, community actions such as outreach and peer training on mobilization and peer support.
Czech Republic: ROZKOS bez RIZIKA invites the public to join and meet up on 17 December, at 3 pm at Perlova Street, to walk with red umbrellas through Prague city center up to the Vrchlickeho park. Contact: [email protected], web:
England – London: Art exhibition (photography, video, illustration and poetry) opens on Friday 13thDecember and end on Tuesday 17th December at the University of London Union in Malet Street. Opening times are 11-5 daily. Public event on 17th including movie and testimonies by sex workers and start at 7.30pm. Contact: [email protected]
France: Paris – demonstration start at 7 pm, Place Pigalle.
Toulouse – Film and debate
Hungary: 17th of December – an empowerment community workshop and public action with candles, red umbrellas and promotional materials in the walking areas of Budapest.
Kyrgyzstan: Between December 1st and December 17th, Tais Plus and the Sex-Worker Network “Shah-Aiym invite you to join and to see what our life is like by:
• Exploring the city at night and seeing the real life situations that sex workers face;
• Coming to the Living Library and hearing sex workers’ personal stories about their working experiences and the challenges they face;
• Enjoying the exhibition of sex workers’ arts and crafts;
• Admiring our children’s drawings.
HOPS: 10th – 17th of December, drop in center, Skopje – a week of thematic workshops on rights issues and empowerment, 17th of December, drop in center, Skopje – a community organized party and joining the red umbrella march organized by STAR –STAR. Contact:[email protected], web:
Netherlands: commemoration by the Belle statue in the Red Light district. Time: from 5 pm until 10pm
Place: By the Belle statue, but the base is by PIC (Prostitutie Informatie Centrum), Enge Kerksteeg 3, 1012 GV Amsterdam.
Romania: Letters of concern to all Police stations in Bucharest and the Parliament, social media campaign for public (website, facebook, blog), empowerment community campaign – two weeks campaign through outreach services and promotional materials (red scarves with a messages, printed cards on the rights of citizens).
Russia: “For bread and freedom” exhibition which will take place on December 17, at the SAKHAROV CENTER, Moscow, Zemlianoi val st. 57, building 6 between 1and 5 PM.
Scotland: Short films and testimonies by sex workers at 7.30pm on 17th of December at African-Caribbean Centre, 66 Osborne Street, Merchant City, Glasgow.
Scotland’s International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, by SWOU & SCOT-PEP
Slovakia: Social media campaign, outreach services including distribution of Christmas gifts and small calendars with 3 different messages related to ending the violence and sex workers rights, press release based on a “sex workers testimony” and media interviews exposing the rape of sex workers as increasing phenomenon in the last period.
Turkey: A press meeting in Ankara and a press release to inform the media and the public regarding the level of violence sex workers experience in Turkey. Producing and distributing of community videos to raise awareness and visibility on the issues of violence.
Luca Stevenson
National Organiser, Sex Worker Open University UK
Coordinator, International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe

Poem about a bad date in Toronto.

“White Van” was inspired by a true story, a bad date experienced by a sex worker in downtown Toronto in the summer of 2010.

Black Coffee Poet wrote in with a poem they made about Sex Worker violence. (a11y: Not captioned, english voice, youtube video).

Events planned from US to UK!

Since our new website has launched information about events across the US and internationally have been forwarded to us. Please visit our Events page to find one near you!

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Event Planned for New York City

NYC December 17, 2011

The Red Umbrella Project, Sex Workers Outreach Project New York and SWANK will be holding an event, 2 to 4pm, Saturday December 17 at Trinity Lutheran Church of Manhattan. Full event details are available on our event locations page and on SWOP-NYC’s facebook page Read all of our December 17 updates…

Welcome to our new site

The SWOP USA webteam would like to welcome you to our new site. It is of course a work in progress and your feedback is always valued. We are looking forward to receiving information from organizations hosting events worldwide to update our events locations section of the site. We are also seeking volunteers to help us finalize the list of names that is read out by US organizations at December 17 events. If you would like to volunteer then please email [email protected] canadian pharmacy Tricor